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Ahem. Hobbit of Anduin Vale seeks companions with which to travel to experience and learn more of the world before I am to return home.

My favored skills are awareness, travel, the use of a bow, and healing with herbs and leechcraft. I have some training in exploring and stealth should the need arise. I’m not a bad cook. I’m not a great cook, but I’m not a bad cook either.

Should you find that these attributes are something that may be an asset to in having a traveling companion, please see the Hobbit within. I’m the one wearing the crown of flowers playing the flutie-pipes. Tips are welcome.


The public story: I am a Borage Hobbit, hailing from the Gladden Fields, which as everyone knows is north of Lorien, east of the Misty Mountains and west of Mirkwood. My home is there on the border of the marshlands, right where the river Gladden joins the great Anduin river. We live a frugal life in my clan and get by with little but we are a happy folk. The weather is mostly good, and the fish are plentiful. I have no complaints, not really.

My mother is the Matriarch, and though I have trained at her feet in the ways of healing herbs and leechcraft, it is my sister who will follow in her footsteps. As for me, Ma’am says my destiny is not in what I will be within the Clan but what I will bring into it, and so she has sent me forth in Papa’s old leather corslet with his bow on my back to find what ever it is she thinks I may find to bring home, whether it be treasure or knowledge. I wish she’d been more direct about that, but Matriarchs are like that, talking in riddles and so many circles you really don’t know where they’re going with it. I suppose that’s why Papa never won an argument with her in his life, may he rest in peace.

Well, off I go then.

UPDATE! Sassy went to a masquerade party!


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